art resources

(free) good art books

loomis / / fellowbro
wow..a lot of art books / ebook torrent

photoshop stuff

digitalbrushes / griddify / neat plugins for artists / ctrlpaint / painting in pixel dither

random links

pixiv tags - useful things like brushes and tutorials
patternify - pixel pattern maker
resource thread - i will eventually try to go through all these links to find the Good shit.
cloudpaint - very neat pixel art web app. there is also a b/w version.

image references

for studies and stuff.

figure drawing photos

figures for drawing / bodies in motion / / mjranum stock / artmodelsphoto / senshi stock / meltys stock / tasa stock / lock stock / themalenudestock / ahrum stock / robynrose stock / / photo ref for comic artists

gesture drawing tools online

quickposes / sketchdaily / line of action / posemaniacs / atarichan Drawer / live pose vids
this site lists a bunch irl figure drawing sessions in north america.

general references of all kinds of things / ReferenceReference / lots of refs!
/ sculpture gallery / art reference blogs

movie/show screencaps

cinemosaic / the hitchcock zone / mise en scene / dr macro / leave me the white / frame filter / screenshot world / film grab
pro-tip: use ripme to rip images from sites, useful for making reference folders!

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